USA Vacations Spots

USA Vacations Spots

If you have tried to book an international vacation after the Covid-19 pandemic, you know how difficult it is. It has made international travel even harder than it already was. So, it might be time to start looking inside the US for your next vacation. This way you are avoiding all international covid restrictions and not having to worry about borders closing at the last minute or extra costs. 

As said, covid restrictions are always changing from country to country – day by day. And when traveling internationally you can get stuck paying over $100 per covid test to get back into the country. Not to mention if you test positive and get stuck in the location you’re staying, and have to pay for it. With that being said, it’s time to look into the US’s amazing vacation spots. Not only is it safer covid wise, but it can be cheaper and ease free! 

  1. National Parks 

National Parks are always a good option for your active family if you are looking to get outside and explore. There are beautiful sites and trails to explore all over the country. Whether it’s the Grand Canyon or Yosemite there are always options. 

The national parks of the United States are a huge part of American culture with so much to explore. There are many options for in-park stays, whether it’s inside of the park or outside, there is a place for everyone. Why not take your family on the adventure of a lifetime while staying safe! 

  1. Disney World 

If you have little kids you know that Disney World is the hotspot of their age. It is a perfect place for your kids to experience seeing all of their favorite movie characters come to life! There is either disneyland or disneyworld depending on your location, with many different parks to choose from.

Even if you don’t have children, it can be a perfect adult vacation. They have places like Harry Potter World or Galaxy Edge where you can see all your favorite movies and books in real life. They even have things like “drink around the world” at Magic Kingdom. Not to mention the many different resorts around the park. There is something for everyone in the whole family to enjoy! 

  1. All Inclusive Florida Resorts 

Just because you aren’t in Mexico doesn’t mean you can’t have an all inclusive vacation. There are many different choices  of US all inclusive resorts in Florida. Florida is just as warm as tropical vacation spots, and you can still find spectacular beaches and gorgeous views. Plus, no worries about being out of the country in case something happens! 

To add, the best part about all inclusive resorts is that once you’re there, you have nothing to worry about! Everything is already paid for and you can finally relax. It is great for going on trips with friends and family so there is no worry about splitting dinner bills!

  1. Ski Resorts 

If you are more of a winter vacation person, ski resorts are the perfect place for you. Depending on where you are located or what your preferences are, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to ski out west and get some gnarly turns in. Or stay at a local spot around your home, the mountains are always there. 

Ski resorts are the perfect excuse to get outside and get some fresh air in the winter. 

With travel restrictions so intense right now leaving the US. Sometimes it’s easier for everyone to just stay in the US and travel. Especially when there are a million great things to experience! 

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