Tik Tok Beauty Trends

Tik Tok Beauty Trends

The beauty world is constantly changing with what products to buy and what new products are coming out next. People are always looking for inspiration on social media such as Youtube, Tik Tok, instagram, etc. With all these social platforms and many different trends, there is a niche for everyone. People can find exactly what products or style they are looking for right at their fingertips. 

Tik Tok’s Impact 

So the question is, what are the trends right now? As of lately Tik Tok has been blowing up, and everyone is addicted. All the talk is about what’s on your FYP (for you page) and what sound is playing over and over in your head. Tik Tok has taken over as the trend setter platform where people go to get their information. With that, there are many different makeup gurus constantly giving advice and recommendations to your makeup routine. 

Tik Tok has been transforming the beauty industry by always coming up with new ways to do your makeup and making up new trends. Tik Tokers are posting full beauty routines with products linked in the comments. This tagging system has made products go out of stock for months on end with relaunch drop dates that sell out in minutes. Products such as Charlotte Tilbury with their flawless filter foundation and contour stick as well as many other brands are the ones top of the list. 

The biggest trend right now behind these products is the “no makeup – makeup look.” This look is essentially a full face of makeup that looks like you are wearing no makeup. It’s meant to make you look glowy and flawless at the same time. This trend comes from Tik Tokers who are showing that most people don’t want to do all this makeup after the pandemic. People are working from home and not going out as much, therefore not wanting to do dramatic looks like we’ve seen in the past. 

This trend is a complete opposite trend of the 2016 makeup which was more flashy and in your face. The 2016 trends were a smokey eye, thick black eyeliner, full coverage foundation, and full dark contour. This makeup was centered around making everyone know you were doing your makeup and it looked dramatic. But Tik Tok has soon thrown this idea out and come up with many other ones to take over. 

New Tik Tok Beauty Trends

Tik Tok Beauty trends are forever changing. Everyday you can still see people doing crazy makeup based on different TV shows and movies. One of the biggest trends right now is “Euphoria Makeup” based on the HBO series Euphoria that has been the talk of everyone. This makeup is all about glitter on the eyes and bold looks. 

Tik Tok creators are copying looks they have seen on the show or making up their own that they think people would wear. Doing things like colored eyeliner, a bold lip, bright eyeshadow, and lots of glitter. 

Tik Tok creators are always coming up with new ideas for the beauty community and always on the lookout for new products. Check out Tik Tok for the next big beauty trend.