Preventative Botox

Preventative Botox

Nobody likes the idea of themselves getting older, and especially their skin. Wrinkles are one of the main signs of aging skin, and people try to avoid this as much as possible with products. Products such as sunscreen, moisturizers, lotions, and facials. But nothing is seeming to work well because a cream is not going to fix a wrinkle. But wait, there has been a new discovery that seems to be helping. 

This is preventative botox. 


Botox has not always had the best track record, as everyone has seen celebrity mishaps with it. And some people are going way too far and looking ridiculous. People are getting treatments that look unnatural and not right at all, making people scared to get these treatments. 

Or the case is that people are getting botox too late and are doing nothing for them. Meaning wrinkles on their face are not going anywhere. Which makes people think this whole botox idea seems like a haux and waste of money. 

But there is something different now, a different trend, and finally a solution to anti-aging. This trend is becoming, preventative botox. 

Preventative Botox

Preventative botox is a way to prevent wrinkles and aging by doing it beforehand. Some might find this odd and useless, but there is proof behind it. If you are in your early years and you have little wrinkles or some early signs of aging, this could be for you. The idea is to find a solution before the problem becomes huge.

These botox can train your muscles to stop using certain muscles to create the lines in your head. Or prevent wrinkles making the harsh lines that turn into wrinkles never appear. 

Most preventative botox treatments can start in your early 20s or 30s. These treatments are not meant to make you look like you have all this “work done.” But more focused on keeping your face looking fresh and young. 

What are the signs of starting preventative botox? 

Some signs to look for when wanting to start botox are:

  1. Lines/Wrinkles 
  2. Purse Lips 
  3. Furrow Brow or Face
  4. Permanent Frown 

The first is that if you see links or wrinkles on your forehead or around your eyes, injections can help. It will help smooth out the lines early so they do not become harsh and stay prominent as early. 

Purse lips and furrow brow are something that we normally are not doing on purpose. These just come from our normal facial expressions, and oftentimes other people in our family have them as well. By injecting into these areas, you can relax certain muscles so your body gets trained not to do certain things. This prevents later botox in these areas and helps stop wrinkles from forming. 

And finally, the permanent frown. Some people will get harsh lines around their mouth from having a permanent frown, not purposely. Botox can help prevent this by injecting in spots to again relax certain muscles and change how your face sits. 

To some people preventative botox might seem crazy and not interesting. But it can be a great way to prevent wrinkles early on.