Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning your kitchen can be a daunting and time consuming task. If you are a mom or have roommates, cleaning up a busy kitchen takes time. This article is here to give you some simple hacks and tricks to get your kitchen clean. 

  1. Declutter 

It is important to declutter the area before starting so you can focus on the small details of the kitchen. Decluttering the space such as putting the dishes in the sink, putting items back in their place, and basically getting the counter and floor space empty will help. This will make the task seem a lot less daunting and more doable. 

By starting with this, it will almost seem like you have less to do and will make the area feel cleaner already.

  1. Dishes 

Second to declutter in the space, do you dishes. This will give you a chance to de clutter the space once again by cleaning your sink out. Also once your sink is clean, you will have a space to wash your rags and fill your mop bucket up. 

So do your dishes and start your dishwasher to get more things out of the way. 

  1. Countertops

A key tip when cleaning its going top to bottom. You never want to start with the floors because they will get dirty after cleaning counters and doing other tasks. If you need to clean your glass stove top, now might be the time to spray it with an oven cleaner so it has time to sit and start working on tough stains. 

Now moving on to counters, start with a damp hot rag and wipe your counters down. Then move on to your tough cleaner, and after that you can put the shine coat on. You never want to start with the shine coat because it often just traps stains on the counter. 

Once you finish the counter, now it is time to wipe down your stove top. Since your countertops took time, it should come right up.

  1. Extras 

Step four is for extras that you might want to incorporate in your kitchen clean. This is an optional step that might be more for a deep clean day. This includes wiping down the outside of your appliances with a safe cleaner. Or cleaning inside your microwave, use your microwave features for this! All you need is white vinegar and water mix, turn your microwave on for 1-2 minutes, and that pasta you let overheat a little too long will come right off! 

An extra step can also be wiping down your cabinets with just a hot rag. This step is optional, but useful for a deep clean! 

  1. Floors 

Step five, always end with the floors. If you don’t, you will often have to do them. First, either start with vacuuming or sweeping (personal preference). This will get up all the crumbs and dust that a mop will just push around. 

Next move to your mop. In your mop bucket, mix whatever choice of floor cleaner you have with warm water and start moping. If you want to put a floor finisher on after, power to you! 

Cleaning a kitchen can be daunting, but don’t let it!