Composting, It’s Easier Than You Think!

Composting, It’s Easier Than You Think!

Composting can seem daunting and a burden, but it is easier than you think! Composting is exceptional for the environment, and is advantageous for your home garden. If you are looking for tips on how to start composting at home, keep reading.

Here are three easy steps to take to start your composting journey! 

  1. Stop throwing away your scraps! 

One of the easiest ways to start composting is to stop throwing away your food scraps in the trash. Instead of throwing them away, think about throwing them into a bin on your counter. There are many different types of composting bins you can use for your counter. You can go the cheaper route of having a regular bin, bag, or bowl that you find in your house. Or you can grab an actual composting bin which can be a little expensive, but worth it. Either one is great! It is just based on preference on smell or style.

Some of the higher price composting bins have features such as non smell, no bugs, and can look nice on your counter. Different then just using a bag or bin where you could run into bad smells and flies. 

Depending on your preference and price point, either one works and is a step in the right direction! 

  1. Get An Outside Composter 

The next step after getting a composter for inside is getting one for outside. This will give you a place to put the scraps you’re holding in the kitchen. Like before, you can get all different priced composters. You can make your own for low cost and still get a great compost out of it. Or you can go the more expensive route that can sometimes make it easier to compost. Some of the bins you can buy will make it easier to turn it on your own. This makes it so you don’t need to go in with a shovel or your hands to mix the compost. Some bins have a handle to turn the entire compost bins so you can turn it everyday after adding scraps.

Keep in mind that when you are composting, you need to have 25% kitchen scraps and 75% yard scraps. This is an easy way to get a good compost consistency and get more soil. 

  1. Using your soil 

Depending on your compost size and type, a soil can take a number of weeks or years to form. Normally the key can be to wait longer so that it breaks down more. But normally, any compost is a good compost. 

Once you have your compost ready as soil, use it in your garden! Compost soil is much better than bought soil, and is better for the environment! 

Watch your garden thrive this summer by starting composting at home!