Are you sleeping on the right mattress?

Are you sleeping on the right mattress?

There are so many different mattress types, sizes, and textures. Especially now, you can buy a mattress online and have it show up in a box the next day. Rarely are people still going to a mattress store to buy their mattress. Many people are basing their mattress choice of influencers and what they are reading online. 

So, what mattress is right for you? This comes down to your overall preference. Are you looking for a:

  1. Soft Mattress
  2. Hard Mattress
  3. Adjustable Mattress 
  4. Heating/Cooling Mattress

Soft Mattress 

A soft mattress or mattress topper is not for everyone. For people it can actually be “too soft” and not giving you any support at all. This can be a big issue for people with physical disabilities such as back problems. This is because a soft mattress causes you to seep into the mattress making your hip sag in and spine to fall out of alignment. This can cause serious pain and make occurring back pain even worse. 

Hard Mattress 

A hard mattress is not always the most comfortable, but can be so helpful. Unlike the soft mattress, a hard mattress can be highly beneficial for back pain. A hard mattress will keep your lower back from collapsing, and is better for oxygen intake. It creates a more stable surface which can give you a better night’s rest. Although it is not as comfortable as a soft mattress, it can be so beneficial for pain. 

Adjustable Mattress 

An adjustable mattress could be the solution to your nightly issues. There are some mattresses that have a split down the middle so you can make half the mattress be sitting up while the other half is laying down. This can be good for couples who don’t have the same sleep hours or sleep preferences. For example if you wanted to stay up later and read or watch tv while your partner sleeps, this could be the mattress for you. Or if you have a partner that has a medical condition where they need to be sitting up, this could also be the mattress for you. 

Healing/Cooling Mattress

There are also things such as heating/cooling mattresses. Where you can actually set the temperature of your mattress. Let’s say you’re a sleeper who sweats or gets very hot at night, a cooling mattress could help you out so much. Or once again someone who has a medical condition where they need a certain temperature for sleeping, this mattress could work for you. 

There are so many different types of mattresses with all different types of features. There is always room to improve your night sleep. Sleep is so important and you need a good mattress to help you accomplish that. Also, a mattress can last you so many years, so when choosing one, you should be thorough. Mattress preferences are different for everyone, do your research and figure out which one you need before you buy.