I Dare You To Go Against All You’ve Ever Known

Personal Development

You’ve been at the same company for as long as you can remember. You’ve grown into the person you are because of this career, but you’re just not fulfilled. You realize you actually hate your job, but you have a family that depends on you. You’re fearful that the grass might not be greener. I dare you to quit the career you thought was your end game.

You’ve dated this incredible human for what feels like an eternity, but you constantly feel a sense of emptiness. You feel more resentment towards this person than the love you once shared. I dare you to break an engagement you don’t see working out.

Everyone tells you you’re the funniest person they’ve ever met, but more importantly, you truly believe this yourself. You think you might be too old, and it’s too late in the game to start now. I dare you to become the stand-up comedian you always wanted to be.

You haven’t talked to your dad in years. The most beautiful friendship you’ve ever known fizzled out over a stupid fight. You still dream about your first love, and you think you’re crazy for it. You fear they might not feel the same way. Your ego might be too big to reconnect. I dare you to call the person you still think about.

You were raised Catholic, and they don’t believe God exists. You’re conservative, and they’re as liberal as they come. You feel comfortable surrounding yourself with people who view life the same way, but your mind always questions your belief system. You feel bland most days and robotic. I dare you to befriend someone the complete opposite of you.

You hold on to a lot of things physically and mentally. You feel jumbled, your mind is scattered, you’re broken and most of all, you’re lost. You ignore the truth of your reality by taking trips, jumping from date to date and drinking tons of alcohol to band-aid the hurt. You can’t be alone because you fear having to face yourself, your anxiety and all your internal demons. I dare you to go to therapy.

You’ve been cheated on more times than you can count, your heart is numb and you’re extremely insecure. You view relationships as a nuisance, and you’re just totally over them. I dare you to break your walls and allow yourself to fall in love.

You’ve always been told that you were too much. Your hair was too wild or your clothes were way too bright. You’ve always been the one that expresses too much, feels intensely and loves harder than most. These statements about you constantly replay in your head, and you think maybe it’s time to tone it down. I dare you to be exactly who you are, and then some.

You grew up with the same group of friends and letting them go just feels wrong. It has been tradition to meet a few times a year and although you dread the conversations, you force yourself anyway. I dare you to stop talking to people you feel obligated to talk to.

You find yourself offering up advice without actually listening to someone when they speak. You’re always the first to talk about your life updates. Maybe you don’t need to say anything after all. Maybe you just need to listen. I dare you to be more silent.

Uncage yourself from your fears. Recreate the story of self-deprecation you keep telling yourself. Laugh louder than you ever have before, even if someone tells you to quiet down. Express your insecurities boldly because at the end of the day, who really cares? If you’re debating on whether or not to say or do something, just do it. I dare you.

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