What are you grateful for this New Year’s?

Takeaway: You have a lot in your life to be grateful for. Make sure to recall these things as the year draws to a close.

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Each New Year, I look back on the year that went by to recall a few things I’m grateful for.

Today, I look back at 2019 with gratitude for all that happened in my personal life—getting married to an awesome lady, going on some cool trips, and hitting some other personal goals—but I also can’t help but feel grateful for my work life. 

More than any single milestone, though, I’m grateful to have you with me, along for the ride.

This is not hyperbole: every day I wake up, feeling like the luckiest guy in the world because I get to write and speak about how we can all become better people (and somehow make a living doing it). I have no idea how long this journey will last, but I’m so happy to have you along for the ride. And, more than that, I hope my work can continue to help you out for some time to come.

So, corny as this may sound, this is just a small note to say that I’m grateful for you.

I hope that, as this year draws to a close, you’re able to recount all that you’re grateful for as well.

We live in a world that doesn’t stop; a world full of constant news updates, stress, and never-ending lists of things to do. But this new year, I hope you can pause for a second or two, take a deep breath, take a look around, and recount how many things you have to be grateful for. 

After all, you deserve it!

Happy New Year!

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