6 Signs That Life Is Trying To Teach You A New Lesson

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There comes a time in our lives when we emerge from the shadows that have kept us bound. We look forward to walking in light, seeing where we’re headed and grateful to have made it out not only alive but different. Dark places tend to force us to go into our mind’s toolbox and use things within us we didn’t even know we had. Tools that help us think quickly, stretch past our limits, and survive situations we’re sure could kill us. Even in the darkest hours, we can pull light from ourselves.

But what many of us do not realize is that while we are developing life skills and learning how to use these new tools, there are new obstacles ahead that require this newfound knowledge to be applied. We don’t learn new skills to only help us now, but to be with us always. Making it out of one obstacle brings us to new heights, and luckily life gifts us with a new tool box for each chapter. If we’re successful, we make it out and the cycle continues.

Many of us, including myself at one point, are ignorant to the fact that even though we’ve made it out of a dark place, there are new levels that require new tools. Your growth is not birthed in a comfort zone, and when you ask for more, you must be prepared for more. We are forever learning. We are forever changing. But the great news is that we are equipped.

The first time that a butterfly emerges, it has to attempt it’s first flight with wings it didn’t even know it would have. But since it is now equipped with new tools, it has to learn to navigate life with them. Every stage of our life requires a new version of us. The best way to walk through this life is to understand the we are constantly being reinvented, just like the butterfly.

We must also accept the good news: It’s okay to face new battles. Not all battles require trauma. Some may call you to smile more, give more, or even receive more. We should be expectant of new levels in life when we recognize that things are not only getting darker, but sometimes getting different or calling us to be something other than what we’re used to being. Dark seasons and transformative times are great signs that you are adding to your toolbox.

Life teaches us new skills to make future obstacles easier to navigate, not to break us down to ruin us. The caterpillar doesn’t go into its chrysalis because life wants to destroy it, it goes into it chrysalis because life wants to give it wings. If you’re confused about where you stand, read the points below.

How to tell if life is trying to give you wings:

1. You’ve asked God for a specific thing and you end up single or at a new job, state, school, etc.

God uses people, places and things to change you. All growing plants need to be repotted.

2. You’ve been separated from family and friends.

Sometimes we must become one with our thoughts without our dreams being stained with someone else’s expectations or lack thereof.

3. You can’t seem to find an explanation because you’ve been “doing everything right.”

When you start to ask, “Why me? I’ve done everything right!” this is a great indication that you are being molded. Trust The Potter.

4. You’re forced to deal with past hurts.

The best gardens are those that have been cleansed of detrimental weeds and their roots. Acknowledge them and uproot them and grow from new ground.

5. You feel led to delete or fast from social media.

Our higher selves can serve as alarm clocks. Being led to remove yourself from social media is an alarm that it’s time to fast from the world’s opinions and influence and tune into self.

6. People start to remove themselves from your life.

Sometimes we don’t even need to get our hands dirty. If people leave you, let them. Life is making way for newer, more genuine, and more purposeful relationships that will push you in the direction of your destiny.

If this season is upon you, use the skills you learned in your previous season. Spread your wings and let life teach you a thing or two for the next season is up ahead. TC mark

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