Microsoft Software & Systems Academy: Innovative Talent and Development Practices + Commitment to Service Members and Veterans (i4cp login required)


Imagine that you’ve spent the last four, eight, or more years investing everything you are into becoming the best of the best as a member of the U.S. military.

Now it’s time to transition to civilian life. Or maybe you already have, but the work world seems like alien territory. What do you do? How do you find the next best-of-the-best role for yourself?

For transitioning service members and veterans, Microsoft has the answer.

Since 2013, the technology leader’s Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA) has provided the pathways and support service members need to move into productive new lives and rewarding work as trained technology professionals working in cloud development, cloud administration, cybersecurity administration, or database and business administration.

“Our primary concern is participants’ obtaining employment,” Chris Cortez, vice president of Military Affairs at Microsoft. “We do not consider it solely a training program, although training certainly is an important element of it. But we’re proud of our focus on outcomes. MSSA empowers transitioning service members and veterans with the necessary skills and training to compete for and attain meaningful careers in the technology industry. And in doing that, we are helping change the face of the industry.”

Cortez cites Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that approximately 200,000 people depart the military every year, offering a ready pool of high-quality diverse talent.

“Those individuals have been developed by one of the world’s largest training organizations—the U.S. military. They bring solid leadership capabilities and incredible experience to the table and are great candidates for reskilling into technology jobs.”

Download the Case Study here. 

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