#GlobalGetsVocal: Share your story for Mental Illness Awareness Week 2019


Mental health challenges are experienced by as many as one in five Canadians, research suggests, and the stigma surrounding it continues to be a problem.

With average age of the population growing globally, mental health is affecting older people, too. Approximately 15 per cent of adults age 60 and over suffer from a mental disorder, according to the World Health Organization.

There are stark disparities in access to mental health services across Canada

Organizations and communities around the world are hosting various initiatives and campaigns in hopes of raising awareness about the impact of mental health during Worldwide Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW), which takes place from Oct. 6 -Oct. 12.

Fall weather can have a big impact on your mental health

Fall weather can have a big impact on your mental health

Global News wants to hear from you — how have you been impacted by mental health in your life? Have you faced stigma surrounding mental illness? At work? School? In your community?

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It’s an opportunity to get really loud and help end the stigma by using social media as a platform to engage in conversation about the effects of mental health, and hear from others who are experiencing similar obstacles.

Canadian doctors’ mental health is suffering — and it’s hurting patients, too

How to send

Share any experiences (tribulations and triumphs!) that you’ve had that relate to mental health in the form below.

It can be anything – from your mental health journey to how you push past the stigma, or even tips for employers on how to cultivate a healthy space in the workplace.

We will be sharing responses anonymously on our @GlobalNews Instagram account throughout the week.

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